Whatever industry you service, your role as a contact centre is to guide customers through a positive experience that aims to turn their query, problem or purpose into the solution they seek. Through decades of industry experience, Convai understands this natural process like no other. We have the technology, professional know-how and cost effective solutions to help you better manage your contact centre.

The why

The why

At the core of your contact centre business is a customer with a problem and an agent with the solution they seek. Oration is designed purely to bring those two issues together in the smartest, quickest and easiest way possible whilst ensuring the experience is a positive one for your valued customer.

Asking the single question “how can we help you today?” gets immediately to the why of your customer’s call. Using advanced speech recognition technology and Convai’s AI language intepreter to understand the intent, the call can then be directed to the agent who’s best equipped to meet their needs. The caller’s intent is even presented verbatim on your agent’s screen, so they’re better equipped to begin the conversation in the best way, taking control of the call from the start and reflecting the callers language.

  • Average handle time saving
  • Increase uptake for self service
  • Targeted banners to remove calls
  • Enable targeted channel shift
  • Improve time to competence
  • Support training frameworks
Who are you?

Who are you?

Call centre agents need to verify the identity of callers. This typically takes more than 45 seconds and uses knowledge based questions which are of limited security. Our solution firstly enables these questions to be asked before handing the call to an agent, thereby saving agent time. More powerfully the solution can be augmented with voice biometrics which not only reduces the number of questions required making it quicker and less obtrusive for the caller, but also introduces genuine security to the process. Better for the caller. Better for the agent. And more secure.

  • Average call handling saving
  • Caller time saving
  • Reduced frustration
  • Improved security
  • Increased opportunity to self serve
Automating intelligent conversations

Automating intelligent conversations

While there will be many calls to your centre that only a live agent can answer, there are others that can easily be handled by an automated solution. Traditionally self service options could only be offered through a tiered menu. A menu can only provide a limited number of options, with Oration you can literally have hundreds. Removing the menu tempts the caller into engaging – menus make them feel constrained and frustrated. Oration can provide a range of off the shelf self service options such as store location or opening hours, applications that are now adapted from our standard options to make them specific for your business and others where the app is just for you.

  • Reduction in agent calls
  • Call options during peak periods
  • Greater flexibility for callers

Case studies – Convai in action

  • Case Study 1 - Large Government Department

    Largest government department, administering over NZ$13 billion and impacting a third of the population. This client allows callers to validate themselves and request information on basic transactions, or be intelligently transferred to an agent for further help. 85% approval rating with no push button menus or waiting time.

  • Case Study 2 - Large Banking Institution

    50,000 calls a month, implementing a speech recognition self-service solution with automated member identification and verification to work with account balance queries and credit card activations. Usage of the system grew by 150% in the first year.

  • Case Study 3 - Large Government Department

    Collects 80% of government revenue and administers 22 types of tax. Almost four million calls per year. Implemented a voice self-service designed for form requests resulting in a call completion jump from 40% to 90% with a corresponding increase in customer satisfaction.

  • Case Study 4 - Government Assistance Line

    172,000 calls handled manually per year. Required streamlining of 24/7 reporting service for non-urgent incidents, specific reporting lines, police staff lines and general switchboard. Implemented a dialler, with over 80% of calls being dealt with automatically and resulting in a cost reduction of 85-90%. The first of its kind in the world.

  • Case Study 5 - Large eCommerce Business

    4.3 million calls in the first six months of operation, allowing punters to place bets without waiting. 96% of calls completed without operator intervention and 99.9% of calls answered within 5 seconds.

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