One of the biggest challenges faced by call centres is working out how to make operations run more efficiently while, at the same time, improving the quality of the customer experience by delivering faster resolutions. Today, call centres of every size can achieve the best of these two worlds without investing huge amounts of time and money in upfront infrastructure development – and you don’t need to be a tech expert to make it happen either.

Powered by the most up-to-date artificial intelligence (Al) technology, Oration by Convai is a cloud-based call routing plug-in that can reduce the Average Handling Time for your call centre agents, politely deflect unnecessary calls, and impress your customers by starting with one simple question: “How can I help you today?

What is Oration?

Developed by Convai after two decades of industry experience gaining deep insights into call centre processes and best practice, Oration is a game-changer for your customer experience and operational efficiency. But choosing our solution isn’t about starting from scratch or reinventing the wheel in your call centre. For complete platform independence, Oration is designed to be implemented over the top of your existing technology infrastructure, so your call centre can start reaping the benefits within a matter of hours.

Once you’re ready to go, Oration greets callers and uses the latest generation of speech recognition technology alongside Convai’s Al language interpreter to determine caller intent and fast-track your customers’ calls to the most appropriate outcome.

Oration is a cost-effective and easy to install solution too, which is what makes it accessible for even the smallest call centres right through to the largest. Our subscription pricing model is purely based on your call volumes – you only pay for what you use – you can sign up for the Oration plug-in and configure its features to your call centre’s needs with or without Convai’s help – you choose what works best for you.

How does Oration work and what makes it different?

Traditional call routing systems use generalised numbered menus which means callers aren’t always offered the most appropriate option for their query. At the same time, more conventional systems can’t prepare agents with specific information about the call before they pick up. These limitations often result in extended call handling times and poor overall experiences, especially when callers find themselves being passed from one agent to another or listening to irrelevant banner messages.

Oration knows that the number one goal for both you and your customers is to reduce the time it takes to reach a resolution. Nailing the resolution quickly can lead to more sales and improve your business’ reputation in the market: less time on the phone translates to reduced operating costs for your call centre. It’s a win-win.

By answering calls with the simple question `How can I help?”, Oration’s advanced technology tackles one of the most common contact centre pain points because it understands the nature of a call and how to deal with it using your customer’s natural verbal response. While there will always be calls that only an agent can handle, Oration also brings a range of intelligent automated handling options that can effectively resolve all kinds of customer calls without agent intervention.

The ways Oration can advance your call centre

Delivers calls to the most appropriate specialist agents

By understanding the nature of the call, Oration will only send calls to agents with relevant specialist knowledge, so the caller gets the best person first time.

Verbatim from the customers response will also be captured and delivered to the agent before they pick up the call, which means they’re able to take control and are prepared to reach a resolution in the fastest time without callers repeating key information. For example, if a customer calls about an item that’s out of stock, the agent can take control by letting the customer know straight away and informing them of future deliveries. Our studies have found that empowering agents in this way can reduce Average Handling Times by 15 to 45 seconds depending on the call types.

Addresses common calls with targeted banners

Call centres often receive a lot of calls relating to matters that can be resolved with the same brief answer. With Oration, you can set up automated responses – or targeted banners – which contain the relevant information for these types of pre-empted calls. So, if you’ve set up a targeted banner explaining that a product line or service is no longer available, Oration will determine from your customers’ speech which calls can be deferred from your agents and resolved by simply playing the banner you’ve created.

Designed to be dynamic and easily adaptable for day-to-day changes and events, Oration’s targeted banners take virtually no time or skill to create or adjust and have the potential to divert around 5-10% of calls from agents.

Offers automated self-service to bring efficiency to the next level

You could be looking at reducing the amount of calls your agents receive by up to 30% by enabling callers to help themselves. Without having to launch into any costly custom development projects, Oration allows you to implement pre-packaged speech driven micro-applications to facilitate self-service for queries such as checking the balance of an account, changing personal or payment details, or finding out your nearest store location and opening hours. We can also adapt our applications to make them specific for your business. Better still, because you’re not offering self-service through a tiered menu like traditional systems, you can have any number of self-serve options which also helps to make callers feel more engaged and less constrained by the system.

Understands targeted banners are often about good timing

You might experience occasions where you receive an influx of calls about unforeseen issues impacting your customers’ service or experience. And because they’re so quick and easy to set up, targeted banners delivering essential updates are a great way to take the strain off your team of agents. But unlike other call routing technologies that put these types of updates upfront for every caller, Oration can determine exactly which callers should receive this information, so you don’t risk putting-off unaffected customers who are in a positive frame of mind.

Takes interactions off the phone with digital channel shift

Oration’s digital channel shift capability brings two key benefits: while it reduces the number of calls directed to voice agents, it can be configured to offer another channel when it will be more appropriate for delivering the best resolution to customers in the fastest time. In practice, this means that when callers say they’re seeking information or data that’s better presented visually, Oration will offer a switch to an online digital chat agent, so infographics, tables, map locations and other visual information can be shared without your customers waiting in a call queue first.

Supports agent training

When training agents for different skills and processes, one of the biggest challenges is giving them enough exposure to real life scenarios to cement their knowledge. With Oration, you can put trainee agents on the phone quicker by specifying that they should only be delivered calls that are relevant to their training so far – a practice that’s shown to vastly improve the retention of new information.

What else can Oration do for your contact centre?

Oration recognises the nuances of language through advanced speech recognition to apply an intent to every request, no matter how it’s worded.

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to use Oration to better manage the conversations in your contact centre operations today.

Intelligent identify solutions and bespoke call routing systems

Identity solutions: Know who you’re speaking with

Agents can spend up to 45 seconds verifying the Identity of callers before handling a query. Oration’s identity solution automatically asks for and cross-checks your customers’ credentials – such as customer ID, telephone number and date of birth – saving your agents time and allowing them to immediately access customer records and start resolving issues from the moment they pick up the call.

Using voice biometrics with Oration also helps strike the perfect balance between high security and customer convenience. Instead of asking the customer multiple verification questions, Oration can confirm a callers identity by matching their voice with a previously stored voiceprint for the customer. Using voice biometrics not only speeds up verification processes, but it also enables many more calls to be securely handled via self-service.

Consultancy services: Helping you find the right solutions for your contact centre

Oration’s technology has been designed to be easily and independently configured, installed, and managed without expert assistance, ensuring all our call centre customers hit the ground running as soon as they start using the platform.

With a broad range of features available, the Convai team can engage in a review of your existing call centre experience including existing menu options, types of interactions, and typical process flows to discover how your specific requirements could be configured into a version of Oration that’ll work best for your call centre. After consulting with us, you’ll be well-placed to install and take full control of the ongoing management.

All the reasons to start using Oration today


As a cloud-based subscription solution designed for ‘plug and play’, the hard work has already been done for you, so you’ll avoid the hefty upfront development costs usually associated with implementing call routing systems. You’ll also immediately gain the benefit of a highly sophisticated call routing solution at an ongoing cost that’s proportionate to the volume of callers you receive. And unlike many alternatives, you won’t need to engage IT experts to manage Oration because it’s so easy to do it yourself.

Improves the customer experience

Oration helps you nurture more satisfied customers by directing customers to the most appropriate outcome first time and reducing the time it takes to reach a resolution. The technology also helps customers avoid the common pain point of lengthy call queues by providing easy access to unlimited self-serve options or the option to switch to other digital channels to get the information they need in a format that suits best.

Reduces operational costs

Every second your agents spend on the phone is a cost to your business. Ensuring the full breadth of customer queries, issues, and problems are dealt with by the most appropriately skilled agent every time will reduce average call handling times. Meanwhile, Oration’s range of automated call flow features can divert more tasks and calls away from agents without compromising the speed and quality of resolutions for customers.

Quick to implement

The roll-out of new call routing systems has traditionally taken several months to achieve and they often cause ongoing disruption to both agents and callers. But because Oration is already pre-built to be used over the top of your existing infrastructure, it can be installed and configured for use in your call centre within a matter of hours and with minimal fuss.

Easy to manage and configure

Oration has been designed for anyone to use, so you don’t need to be skilled in technology to get the best results as your call centre requirements change over time. From switching on new features like self-service options to adapting targeted banners daily, it takes little time, effort, and resources to keep your system running in a way that works best for your needs.

Complete platform independence

There’s never a bad time to start using Oration. As an independent cloud solution that overlays your existing call centre technology, you can make changes to or even replace your underlying infrastructure at any time without impacting the continued performance or functionality of your Oration call routing system.

Find out how Oration could transform your call centre operation

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