How AI-powered technology can help transform your contact centre

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming how contact centres operate across the globe.

In this webinar, learn how AI language advanced speech recognition enables contact centre managers to create natural, automated conversations with callers that deliver quick, reliable outcomes for customers and manage peak call periods more effectively.

Plus, you’ll also learn how it is:

  • Smart – designed for call centre staff management with little technical knowledge or expertise
  • Easy – plugs directly into your current call centre platform and can be up and running in 2-3 days
  • Affordable – for contact centres of every size, and
  • Customer centric – can reduce the average call handling time by 10-30 seconds.

View on demand below

Time stamps:

  • [2:58] An introduction to Oration
  • [4:53] A day in the life of a typical contact centre
  • [7:30] Oration product demo:
    • [8:20] Learn how to easily deflect calls to reduce average call handling time by 15 – 30 secs
    • [11:15] Learn how to deploy a targeted banner to deflect between 1-5% of calls without IT input
    • [16:00] Learn how to easily move to calls to a digital channel e.g. messaging service
    • [19:45] Learn how to create cues based on caller intent to deflect calls to specific departments
  • [40:35] Q&A Including the easy, transactional pricing model details

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