How Panasonic Australia reduced contact centre operation costs by 25%: a case study

Is your call centre manually redirecting high volumes of unserviceable calls while callers with serviceable queries experience high waiting times?

This was the challenge that Panasonic Australia faced as they struggled with the complexities of managing a wide variety of consumer and business product enquiries, leading to an elevation in Average Handling Times (AHTs).

The solution? Oration was introduced to automatically direct callers appropriately between the ‘business products’ and ‘consumer products’ teams while also re-routing calls to the correct external partners. Read the full case study to find out how Oration helped Panasonic:

  • Reduce call volumes by 25%
  • Reduce AHTs by 17%, and
  • Reduce contact centre operation costs by 25%.

Download the following case study to find out how.

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