Oration is the culmination of 20 years experience in the industry and has reimagined the call centre of the future by providing a solution that overlays any system. It’s cost effective, easy to use and it’s revolutionising the industry.

The diagram below shows how Oration orchestrates any inbound call by delivering it to the best place.

Oration Graphic

Behind the scenes we have a team with experience and capabilities that extend to every facet of your contact centre operation. And we’re available to assist on projects of all sizes.

Consultancy services

Our team is available to assist your business in planning, designing and implementing a range of contact centre requirements including caller interaction, process flows, host integration and infrastructure.

IVR migrations

It’s never been easier to replace legacy systems with cloud-based technology. Our platform independent tools enable call centres to quickly replicate and then improve upon existing call flows, and avoids issues with reliance on specific technologies.

Identity solutions

Convai are world leaders in deploying effective and unobtrusive identity solutions that can be fully integrated into your system. Leveraging voice biometrics, our solutions ensure a perfect balance between high security and caller convenience.

Routing solutions

Oration is Convai’s exceptional engine for matching callers to the best possible agent or solution to suit their needs. Utilising advanced natural language processing the system gives your business the ability to configure and control the complete conversational interface.

Automated call flows

Simple tasks don’t require the input of your valuable contact centre agents. From providing account information and changing addresses to updating credit card details and even placing a bet, Convai can assist your business in fully automating a huge range of basic tasks.

Customer experience

At Convai, we’re dedicated to creating seamless, engaging interactions. Our extensive knowledge of both human nature and technology combines to ensure solutions suit every eventuality in a caller conversation – even when things don’t quite go to plan.

Payment solutions

Integrating with leading payment gateways, our solutions meet stringent PCI-DSS requirements and use a patent pending DTMF jamming technology to ensure that card holder information always remains secure.

Agent assistance

Utilising technologies such as Google and Amazon, our solutions can provide real time hints to your agents, on screen throughout a call. This information not only adds richness to their conversations, but also reduces average call handling times and training time.

Technologies and platforms we work with

Clients throughout Australia & New Zealand

Convai is trusted by contact centres throughout Australia and New Zealand to deliver seamless, reliable automated solutions. Our clients include major banks and financial services organisations, Government departments and many large household brand names.

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